What we doOur projects

Land development

We work on several land developments projects, which once they are ready are aimed to be sold to third parties. It includes all activities related to land acquisition and title settlement, preparation of intended project function, all approval steps, construction of infrastructure, negotiation of sale conditions with future buyers, execution of conditions precedent and signing of the sale contract.

Real estate development

Using our experience we prepare our own unique developments. Coming soon.

Retail development

Our retail experience tops the full spectrum of real estate development services. From single-tenant, multi-tenant to large multi-year, mixed-use developments, every project begins with targeted and planned objectives, that blend both tactical and strategic perspectives.

Based on the above and inspired by other markets we work on new concepts to be launched on the slovak market.

Age friendly and senior living

Age friendly and senior living should be an essential part of any future real estate development. We keep searching for opportunities in this field.

Prefabricated & modular construction methods

Precast materials (prefabrication) & modular construction methods are an unavoidable part of future real estate development. Therefore, we also try to prepare ourselves to be helpful and ready to provide services.