What we offerOur services

Real estate development

Project team establishment and coordination (urban, architectural, design, etc…)

Legal and technical due diligence, property analysis

Zoning plan analysis

Project identity

Urbanistic solutions

Programming and project concept design

Commercial assignment

Land development

We specialise on services in real estate land development management. Which include all activities related to the property acquisition, legal settlement, preparation and setting up of development projects, construction of infrastructure,  negotiation of sale conditions with the future buyer, performance of contract conditions and the signing of the purchase contract.

Project development

Concept creation
Planning and design strategy
Architect selection
Tendering process
Construction management consulting
Cash flow monitoring & optimalization
Reporting & analysis

Financial management

Feasibility study
Cash Flow

Visioning and programming

Urban planning

Marketing coordination, design of marketing strategy and project identity

Permitting and authorization process

Analysis of authorizations, opinions and statements of permitting authorities

Strategy and proposal of the procedure for project authorization

Conducting negotiations with permitting authorities

Public hearings


We provide comprehensive property valuation services.
We provide our services mainly to investors, developers, financial institutions, courts or public authorities, as well as natural and legal persons who, for various reasons, need to determine the value of the property in accordance with Slovak valuation standards. Valuations are prepared for a specific purpose according to the client’s requirements.

Valuations are prepared for the following purposes:

  • Purchase or sale of real estate
  • Succession and inheritance
  • Abolition of the co-ownership of spouses
  • Cancellation of co-ownership, calculation of co-ownership interests
  • Contributions in kind
  • Registration of buildings under construction in the land register
  • Other as required